Outer Space Astronaut Flying

Java/Bedrock IP: play.MoonLandingMC.com

Bedrock Port: 19132

🌕 Moon-Themed World: Immerse yourself in a fully custom environment, inspired by the mysteries of the moon. Find structures, unlock the lore, and discover the truth of the new moon.

🌟 Over 100 Custom Quests: Embark on unique, thrilling quests, each offering a novel challenge and experience.

👨‍🚀 10+ Lunar Skills: Earn XP while playing on Moon Landing and get rewarded with enhanced abilities!

🚀 Skill Ascension: Develop your skills as you explore, unlocking new levels and cosmic rewards.

🌠 Expanding Universe Lore: Dive into a dynamic server story, evolving with each astronaut's journey.

🏠 Easy Space Colonization: Claim and terraform your own land, building your space haven.

Cute Astronaut Character Illustration

100+ Quests

100+ Quests

Rank up, get in-game loot, explore!

Lunar Skills

Earn XP and rise in ranks to give yourself enhanced abilities!

Moon Potions

Cosmic Salvage

Satellite Axes

Star Fishing

Meteorite Mining

Astro-Tree Felling

Moonflower Herbalism

Lunar Excavation

Crater Archery

Moonblade Mastery

Fully Custom, unexplored land


Moon Metal Smelting

5,000 x 5,000 blocks

Cute Astronaut Dance Cartoon Vector Illustration

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