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Earn XP while playing on Moon Landing and get rewarded with enhanced abilities!

Meteorite Mining

Astro-Tree Felling

Moonblade Mastery


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GREEN = Passive sub-skill | PURPLE = Manual sub-skill

Lunar Leap

Lunar Leap is a skill focused around moving gracefully, reducing fall damage and avoiding attacks.

XP Gain: You gain 120XP for every half heart of damage taken from falling.

  • Using hay bales, potions, or enchantments, will decrease the XP earned.
  • Having the Feather Falling enchantment doubles the XP earned from falling.

Grace Roll: Sneak while falling for a chance to negate 100% of the fall damage.

Roll: Take 50% less damage when falling. - Each level increases success of rolling by 1%.

Dodge: Grants a chance of reducing incoming damage (from mobs) by 50%.

  • Will always fail if incoming damage would kill player.

Moon Potions

Moon Potions is about brewing potions. It provides a speed increase in the potion brew time, as well as the addition of new (previously) unobtainable potions.

XP Gain: You gain experience by successfully crafting potions and by adding additional ingredients to existing potions.


  • Catalysis speeds up the brewing process, with a maximum speed boost of 4x at level 1000.


  • Concoctions allow you to brew more potions with custom ingredients.
  • The specific special ingredients you can use are determined by your Rank, and there are 8 ranks to unlock.

Concoction Tiers and Ingredients:

  • Tier 1: Blaze Powder, Fermented Spider Eye, Ghast Tear, Redstone, Glowstone Dust, Sugar, Glistering Melon, Golden Carrot, Magma Cream, Nether Wart, Spider Eye, Sulphur, Water Lily, Pufferfish (for Vanilla Potions).
  • Tier 2: Carrot (for Potion of Haste), Slimeball (for Potion of Dullness).
  • Tier 3: Quartz (for Potion of Absorption), Rabbit's Foot (for Potion of Leaping).
  • Tier 4: Apple (for Potion of Health Boost), Rotten Flesh (for Potion of Hunger).
  • Tier 5: Brown Mushroom (for Potion of Nausea), Ink Sack (for Potion of Blindness).
  • Tier 6: Fern (for Potion of Saturation).
  • Tier 7: Poisonous Potato (for Potion of Decay).
  • Tier 8: Regular Golden Apple (for Potion of Resistance).

Crater Archery

Crater Archery is about shooting with your bow and arrow. It provides various combat bonuses, such as a damage boost that scales with your level. In addition to this, you can retrieve some of your spent arrows from the corpses of your foes.

XP Gain: To earn XP in the Archery skill, you need to shoot mobs.

Skill Shot: Skill Shot provides extra damage to your shots.

  • The bonus damage from Skill Shot increases as your Archery skill level increases.
  • your archery damage increases by 10% every 50 levels, reaching a maximum of 200% bonus damage.

Arrow Retrieval: You have a passive chance to retrieve some of your arrows when you defeat a mob with your bow.

  • The likelihood of arrow retrieval increases as you level up in Archery.
  • this ability improves by 0.1% per level, reaching a maximum of 100% at level 1000.

Satellite Axes

With the Satellite Axes skill, you can hack and chop away at mobs to gain XP, hitting mobs with the effect of knockback and inflicting DEADLY criticals on them.

XP Gain: To earn XP in this skill, you need to hit other mobs with an Axe.

Skull Splitter: This ability allows you to perform an AoE (Area of Effect) hit, dealing half as much damage as the main target's damage. It's useful for clearing groups of mobs.

Critical Strikes: Critical Strikes is a passive ability that provides a chance to deal extra damage.

  • every 2 skill levels in Axes give a 0.1% chance to execute a Critical Strike.
  • Critical Strikes cause 2.0 times damage to mobs.

Axe Mastery: Axe Mastery is a passive ability that adds additional damage to your hits when using Axes.

  • the bonus damage increases by 1 every 50 levels, reaching a maximum of 4 extra damage at level 200.

Greater Impact: You have a passive chance to achieve a greater impact when hitting mobs with your axe.

  • this chance is 25%, and has an extreme knockback effect, similar to the Knockback II enchantment, and deals bonus damage to the target.

Lunar Excavation

Lunar Excavation is the act of digging up dirt to find treasures, increasing in value as you level up.

XP Gain: To earn XP in this skill, you must use a shovel for digging.

  • You can only dig up Grass, Dirt, Sand, Clay, Gravel, Mycelium, Soul Sand, and Snow to find treasures and gain XP.

Giga Drill Breaker: Hold a shovel and right-click to prepare your tool.

  • Giga Drill Breaker x3 your chance of finding treasure, and insta-breaks material.
  • Once in this state, you have approximately 4 seconds to make contact with Excavation-compatible materials to activate Giga Drill Breaker.

Star Fishing

The Star fishing skill allows you to fish faster and catch more unique treasures while fishing.

XP Gain: To earn XP in this skill, you must catch fish.

Treasure Hunter: Increases your chances of catching fish, and introduces new treasures from stone to netherite tools!

Ice Fishing: Cast your rod into a frozen lake, and it will bore a hole for the fish to come to you!

Master Angler: At level 15, fishing when in a boat increases your chance of catching fish / treasures.

Shake: At level 15, you can “shake down“ mobs by casting a fishing rod onto them, giving a chance of them dropping items they normally would upon death.

Fisherman‘s Diet: Increase the health given from eating fish as you rank up.

Magic Hunter: At level 20, start getting enchanted treasures!

Moonflower Herbalism

Moonflower Herbalism is about collecting herbs and plants.

XP Gain: Collect plants and herbs.

  • Compatible Blocks Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, Melons, Pumpkins, Sugar Canes, Cocoa Beans, Flowers, Cacti, Mushrooms, Nether Wart, Lily Pads, and Vines.

Green Terra: While holding a hoe, right click.

  • Has a chance to increase harvest by x3.

Green Thumb: Chance to automatically replant crops as you harvest them.

Farmer’s Diet: Increases health given from eating crops as you rank up.

Hylian Luck: Gives a chance of finding rare items when harvesting with a sword.

Double Drops: Gives a chance of x2 your harvest.

Meteorite Mining

Meteorite Mining provides bonuses to the amount of materials dropped while mining.

XP Gain: Mine blocks with a pickaxe in hand.

  • Compatible Materials: Stone, Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Diamond Ore, Redstone Ore, Lapis Ore, Obsidian, Mossy Cobblestone, Ender Stone, Glowstone, and Netherrack.

Super Breaker: While holding a pickaxe, right click.

  • Super Breaker x3 your chance of finding treasure, and insta-breaks material.

Blast Mining: Right click on TNT with a pickaxe for the TNT to insta-explode.

  • May increase ores dropped.

Spacecraft Repair

Spacecraft Repair allows you to use an iron block to repair armor and tools.

XP Gain: Repair tools on an iron block.

Repair: While holding a tool, right click on an iron block.

  • This will take the needed item from your inventory and repair your tool- increasing as you level up.

Moonblade Mastery

This skill awards combat bonuses to anyone fighting with a sword.

XP Gain: Damage mobs with a sword.

Serrated Strikes: While holding a Sword, right click.

  • This will do an AoE (Area of Effect) hit, and increase damage to mobs by 25%.

Counter Attack: While dodging, you may inflict up to 50% of damage back onto the mob.

Rupture: Chance to cause your enemy to bleed.

Lunar Beast Taming

Lunar Beast Taming will give players various combat bonuses when using tamed wolves.

XP Gain: Gain XP in this skill by taming wolves/ocelots or engaging in combat with your wolves.

Call of the Wild: Activate this ability by sneaking and left-clicking while holding bones or fish to summon a wolf or ocelot by your side.

Beast Lore: Use Beast Lore to inspect pets and check the stats of wolves and ocelots by left-clicking on them.

Gore: A chance that the mobs your companion fights will begin to bleed.

Sharpened Claws: Provides a damage bonus to wolves based on your Taming level.

Environmentally Aware: Allows wolves to teleport to you near hazards like Cacti and Lava, and provides fall damage immunity.

Thick Fur: Reduces damage to wolves and makes them fire-resistant.

Shock Proof: Reduces damage to wolves from explosions.

Fast Food Service: Grants wolves a chance to heal when they perform an attack.

Zero-G Combat

Zero-g Combat will give players various combat bonuses when using your fists as a weapon.

XP Gain: Gain XP by dealing damage to mobs when unarmed.

Berserk: Activate this ability by right-clicking. In Berserk mode, you deal 50% more damage and can instantly break weak materials like Dirt and Grass.

Steel Arm Style: Increases the damage you deal when hitting mobs or players with your fists.

Arrow Deflect: A passive ability that gives you a chance to deflect arrows shot by Skeletons or other players, causing them to fall harmlessly to the ground.

Astro-Tree Felling

Astro-Tree Felling is all about chopping down trees.

XP Gain: XP is gained whenever you break log blocks.

Tree Felling: While holding an axe, right click. This will cause the entire tree to break instantly, dropping all of its logs at once.

Leaf Blower: Unlocked at Level 100, this causes all leaves to insta-break when hit with an axe.

Double Drops: Gives you a chance to obtain an extra block for every log you chop.

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